Well, that was weird

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    Just got a 502 gateway error, like has been happening intermittently the last few days. When I refreshed the page, I was logged out. Does that mean the server got rebooted?

  • sockdevs

    @FrostCat I had that too...


  • I got logged out, then on logging back in...


  • I had a stranger one. I was reading the end of a thread, hit the Unread button at the top, and it asked me to log in, but the user area at the top right still showed me as logged in and the unread counter was updating like I was still logged in.

    Refreshed and I was logged out fully.

  • Apparently we needed Redis. So I made a new docker container and set it up and then switched it over. However, three of the socat instances aren't working (presumably because of some kind of weird caching) so I'm going to restart the server real quick.

  • Me three. I couldn't get to one of my notifications and it kept showing me a login page, even though i could get everywhere else (including edit my profile).
    Then it *properly *logged me out, I logged in and all is good, including the notification.

    nodeBBuuurrrpp a few minutes ago, I think.

  • Ok, everything is back up now.

  • @loopback0 said:

    I got logged out, then on logging back in...

    Yeah, got one of those too.

  • Me too. I clicked the unread icon, got the you're logged out. Tried to log in, failed. Carefully typed password, failed. Hard refresh and login worked.

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