Streamed-in replies in locked topics have Reply buttons

  • Specifically, in One Post. @Yamikuronue replied to my post, and when it streamed in, I could click the Reply button under her post and compose a reply - it was only at Submit that NodeBB barfed about the lack of privileges. After the refresh, the buttons are gone.

    (also, MOD ABUUUUUUSE)

  • Were you able to reply as linked topic though?

  • @LB_ Actually, I don't think that's possible, at least not from the UI - the "Reply as Linked Topic" option is under that big Reply button, and it doesn't show up in a topic I don't have permissions to reply to.

    Speaking of unrolling menus, that's one useful dropdown too:


  • mod

    This is why it's there:

    They I guess weren't smart enough to hide the dropdown itself if you're not a mod though.

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