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  • Ok, I don't use youtube much, so sorry if everyone already new this, or it could also just be a glitch in wp10 edge, but when I searched for it (expecting to find that newlines were intentionally disallowed), this thread really made me wtf:

    I'm having trouble posting comments on youtube that have more than one paragraph. In the edit box the paragraphs are separated by blank lines, but when I post, everything is condensed into one long block of text. Other people's comments have paragraphs, and I managed it once, but I don't seem to be able to do it again. Is there a trick to this, or is something broken?

    Thats the exact bug I hit.

    After a dozen attempts at editing it it eventually inserted a line break by it self to make word wrap work. Not sure how that happened but copying that line break (including the character at the end of the line and the first one on the next line) allowed me to insert working line breaks into the rest of the comment.

    You fucking kidding me?!

    I don't know exactly why this works, but pressing <Shift>-<Enter> instead of just <Enter> seems to keep the blank lines after you post the comment.

    You can go back and just use <Shift>-<Enter> to restore the paragraphs on your comments.

    ... incidentally, the keypress <Shift>-<Enter> also lets you post paragraphs into Facebook comments which otherwise would POST your comment as soon as you press <Enter>. This keypress of <Shift>-<Enter> must be the elusive Line-Feed character that's almost never used since it doesn't have its own key on the keyboard.

    <Shift>-<Enter> lets you add the paragraphs to YouTube comments. What I started doing is, at the end of a paragraph I press twice on <Shift>-<Enter> to start the new paragraph and that seems to get the job done.

    Well, thanks, accepted-answer guy, but fat lot of good that does me on mobile.


    WYSIWYG editors are a solved problem! Death to UpHTMLcodeDown!


  • @Buddy said:

    You can go back and just use <shift>-<enter> to restore the paragraphs on your comments.</enter></shift>

    <test><test2> => <test><test2>

    @Onyx said:

    Death to UpHTMLcodeDown!


  • area_deu

    @Buddy The link to the google groups thread is belgiumed.

    (Actual link taken from raw)

    EDIT: And submitted a bug report in the iframely thread.

  • I think @ben's got a faq about that somewhere.

  • @aliceif fixed

  • ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA

  • I only have this issue sometimes. When it does happen to me, I can just edit my comment and resubmit it without changing anything (or sometimes re-adding the linebreaks) and it magically fixes itself. Also sometimes when editing a comment it replaces apostrophes (and I assume other characters) with their HTML entities and you have to replace them by hand.

  • @LB_ good to know. I just left it as it was, and the uploader fixed it up when they copied it into the description (song lyrics).

  • @fbmac Interesting, apart from the fact that I use the doubled-up left-right glyphs, that's my status in Skype for Business right now.

  • @LB_ Remember the old pre-Google+ chat system in YouTube? Sure it was full of hateful stupid awful comments, but it fucking worked.

    BTW, the reason I rarely reply to your comments on my videos (and thanks for the feedback, honestly) is because I can't tolerate Google+ in any way, including if the only thing I see is its stupid broken embedded comments system.

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