Mobile jellypotatoing is strong

  • At least on iOS... Go to the bottom of a thread. Scroll slowly upwards. When it loads a new batch of posts above, don't let go with the finger and scroll slightly upwards/downwards repeatedly. Doing this jellypotatoes one batch upwards per finger movement until you reach the top of the thread...

    That may sound artificial, but I trigger it every time by just keeping my finger on the screen and slowly scrolling upwards, then getting confused by the initial jerk when it loads new posts and trying to scroll back to where I actually was a millisecond ago, and repeat...

    Gnnnh :wtf:

  • @calmh
    I get it happening to me too, but I think it's something to do with iOS more than NodeBB, since I would have the same thing happen on Discourse.

    I must've gotten used to swipe scrolling on iOS just to avoid that bug. I don't seem to get it (or nearly as bad) on my Android phone, but I do get the "accidentally go a little bit left when scrolling with my thumb and get dumped back to the top of the topic" bug.

  • Fwiw I hang on a couple of Discourse forums and this never happens to me there. I frankly didn't see much of it at the old place here either, but on nodebb now it's insane...

  • @calmh have you tried refreshing since the fix I did in the other jellypotato thread?

  • @ben_lubar did you also fix the problem with the menu triggering a scroll up?

  • @swayde I don't have a mobile device to test on, but I can't reproduce it with Chrome's emulation settings anymore.

  • Yes, still crap for me. Also, not only mobile. Take any thread and go to the last post (for example by clicking on the "x minutes ago" on the right sidebar at the topic list) then scroll upwards. At least in Safari on desktop this earns me a random teleport whenever it loads a new batch of posts above the current batch...

  • It's now doing the opposite. Look:


    Note how I'm supposedly at post number 88, yet I'm at the notification thing and breadcrumb at the top and can scroll no further upwards.

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    @swayde said:

    @ben_lubar did you also fix the problem with the menu triggering a scroll up?

    Which consequently closes the menu, might I add.

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