Broken z-order (who didn't expect this to happen)

  • area_deu

    alt text
    The Notifications menu opened below the chat window.
    That's totally not wrong!

  • @aliceif fixed

  • area_deu

    @ben_lubar said:

    @aliceif fixed

    Don't we want to mark bug threads which have been fixed?

  • @aliceif I'm working on getting an actual bugtracker for wtdwtf set up.

  • @ben_lubar
    No you're not ... your giving me a steady stream of like notifications from the likes thread ...

  • @Luhmann that's in another window. And by "working on", I mean "asked Alex to make a github repo but he's busy right now but he'll try to remember"

  • Okay, all bugs go here:

    That way, we can figure out if they're TDWTF-specific and fix them before bothering NodeBB devs, AND we can actually track bugs instead of forum-ing.

    It'll get moved to the tdwtf organization eventually, but it'll redirect when it does.

    /cc @aliceif

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