Select boxes don't work

  • This might be the wrong category but it's impossible to change. Likely because somebody decided standard <select> tags were to mainstream and cooked their own "improved" version in JavaScript.

    Community Server is starting to look better every day.

  • I like how it decided to close the select tag for me though.

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    @martijntje In what way do they not work, though? Do you get no options? you can't navigate in the options (because everything is a list) or what?

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  • sockdevs

    You sure it's some JS thing? The <select>s I can find are just your standard vanilla HTML selects; no fancy JS on them at all.


    Edit: Huh, it really is auto-closing the tags…

    Edit 2: OK, so I'm just going to manually enter the closing tag so my line breaks are actually line breaks.

  • @martijntje said:

    I like how it decided to close the select tag for me though.

    That's my code, not NodeBB's code.

  • @Kuro They just won't open. It seems to work in Chromium, but in Ghostery on Android they just sit there. They light up when you try to open them (from getting selected) but that's about the maximum interaction you an expect.

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