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  • I am currently running IE7 on Vista Ultimate, in Canada, with the system location set to Canada and the system language set to English (Canada).  I`ve set the keyboard to be a standard US layout, which works fine in all of my applications, except:

    When I am typing posts on this forum, the keys seem to be mapped wrong.  For example, when I press question mark (shift and forwardslash), I get the É symbol added.  Shift and the number two gives me a ", and the regular quote key gives me a ` (backtick).  Backslash gives me a <, and pipe (vertical bar) gives me a >.  Most of the other buttons do really wierd things - like open-square-bracket and A gives me â, close-square-bracket and A gives me ¸a.  I can get all sorts of accented letters: é É â ê ç, etc...

    What is up with this?  Anybody know?  How can I fix it?

    (And BTW the only way I can get ?s is by opening Notepad, typing in a questionmark the normal way, and copy and pasting it into the editor)

  • Wow. Sounds as if the forum editor is getting raw keycodes and interpreting as another character map, but that is impossible (I don't think JavaScript has that kind of system access.) The only sensible theory that I can come up with is that Internet Explorer is being run with lowered user permissions, i.e. as another user. With Windows XP, keyboard mappings were stored on a per-user basis, and I've had to change the keyboard layout from the default (US) to the German layout for every user manually. The problem should then show up with every webpage though..

     Do you have the language bar (or the XP equivalent) in your status area, which usually means that there are multiple keyboard layouts available?

    Maybe the forum actually does some translation based on the locale sent by the browser? But my browser prefers german content over US, yet input works perfectly.

  • Solution:   Move to the United States.

  • Better solution: don't be a beta tester


    sorry I meant MS early adopter... same thing, no? 

  • As a fellow Canadian (and Calgarian) here's the scoop.  It's not only what the keyboard layout is.  It's also the encoding in the application/browser.  For some stupid reason "Canadian == Quebec French" a lot of times.  To make life easier, just set your language to US english and live with the word "colour" being a "typo" 😛

    For example, when I was doing testing for our web app and the encoding was Shift-JIS (a Japanese encoding), if I entered a backslash it would show up as the Yen symbol.  Underneath it was still the ascii '' character, so the code handled it just fine.  But still annoying.

  • OK, I set my lang back to United States, and I can type ?s and #s now.  Thanks.

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