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    Discourse reaches v1.0 prematurely
    The internet is becoming faster each day. On meta.discourse.org scientists have researched the results of releasing their software approx. 10 years early. The results where devastating! Bugs, exploits, long loading times, you name it.
    The head researcher undefined @codinghorror gave the following statement: "SORRY, NO LONGER WELCOME HERE!" Sadly his statement had a Body is invalid; try to be a little more descriptive, so we weren't able to get any statement out of him. We were banned from his software, though.
    The effects of the research could be devastating for the software industry. Many big coorperations that previously tried to shorten their release cycles over the years have now taken an "Anti-Release"-stance, not releasing any bug-fixes that would help fixing the bugs Discourse has. (See the scroll up bug on the composer that Chrome refuses to fix)
    Even industry favorite Markdown refuses to work properly with Discourse going as far as labeling it's markdown engine "common".

    • Kuro (TDWTF)

    This is definitly my nomination!

  • @loose And this wasn't noticed when a tray of sand is shaken?

  • Old news but really funny.

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