Oh, that's the problem: I'm blind.

  • Three times I tried to check the status of my order, and assumed this site must be broken because no text shows up.

    Turns out I just couldn't see the text. Is it just me, or does this seem like a poor design?

  • I don't know what you mean. White on white is perfectly good contrast!

  • On closer inspection, it appears it's not white on white. It's white on very light gray (RGB F4F4F4).

  • Notify undefined, someone's outdoing him.

  • That's one of the lessons I remember well from my days in web development: never set color or background-color without setting both.

  • It appears to be white on default OS text control background color, which happens to be extremely white-ish in that theme.

    If you zoom in and squint you can see that there's text in the fields.

  • It looks like "Meticulous craftsmanship" is applied to the belts, not the website

  • I've had to get Express Replacements for my boss' iPhone a number of times, and Apple does something similar.
    They put a hold on your credit card until you return the broken phone and the form fill in the address and credit card details has no labels and the placeholder text is so light it's nearly the same color as the form itself, I didn't even notice there WAS placeholder text in the first place.

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