🔥 "I fucked a socialist and all I got was this stupid berning sensation..."

  • So apparently there's a trend where people comment on a "berning sensation" they've been experiencing lately.

    1. TMI
    2. I know this is your first rodeo and all, but that's not normal.
    3. You climbed in bed with a filthy whore who offered you a free ride. You expected what now?
    4. Who the fuck came up with this? Goddamnit people, at least "Goldwater Fever" was clever.


    1. I guess
    2. I didn't know that
    3. Cupcakes?
    4. The what?

    In conclusion: WAT?

    Also, is "berning" a tyop or a undefined on my part?

  • Bernie Sanders joke?

  • @Onyx said:

    Also, is "berning" a tyop or a undefined on my part?

    Bernie Sanders based "joke"?

    edit: undefined



    Oh, right, USians are in the election season for something again, so the whole world has to know about it and care damn it! I keep forgetting...

  • SockDev

    /me steals image to add to her meme/reaction images collection, then mutes the thread

  • ...because the 🔥 emoji and that title weren't enough to steer you clear.


  • @RaceProUK said:

    mutes the thread


  • @Onyx said:


    @Onyx said:

    whole world

    From a lot of USians you get the impression the US is the whole world.

  • This one made me LOL:

    **Hillary**: You voted against immigration reform in 2007 because you're basically a racist republican.

    Bernie: I voted against that bill because it would have allowed guest workers to be paid slave wages.

    Hillary: Going back to the fact that you voted AGAINST IMMIGRATION REFORM, don't you think our next president should have a clean voting record with respect to immigration? Or do you just not care about Mexican-Americans?

    Bernie: I literally just explained why I voted against that bill. And by the way, immigration activist groups opposed the bill as well, for the same reasons. You always do this- you pick out a small piece of a bill that I voted on that makes me sound really regressive and just ignore the facts. The truth of the matter is that you have a lot more in your past to be ashamed of, and you're lucky I'm running a clean campaign instead of dredging up your past at every turn.

    Hillary: So what you're saying is you hate Mexicans?

  • @Onyx said:


    He's the sprinter guy from Jamaica, right?

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