Blog trolls

  • So...there's this one blog troll on Althouse's blog: Laslo. He posts really inappropriate comments, a la @morbiuswilters. He also has his own blogspot blog. It's pretty funny, if you're into that sort of thing.

    Excerpts from recent entries:

    "When I was younger I wondered what it would be like to fuck Hitler."


    "Oh yeah. I'd fuck him, then I'd gently stroke his hair and tell him to leave the Jews alone for now, just focus on the Gypsies."

    "The World would've been a lot different, then."

    "I know. Nobody likes Gypsies."

    I awoke, stumbled out of the freezer he had put me in, and took the duct tape off my mouth. There was paint on my pants, my skin was blue and my hair was sticky.

  • Shit...and a new one showed up while I was composing:

    ... So I replied: "He was a protégé of Gustav Klimt, but edgier. Literally edgier: sharp elbows and knees in his paintings."

    "Oh," she said: "I LOVE Gustav Klimt. I have a poster of his in my bedroom."

    "I have seen your bedroom," I said.


  • He's too story like for my taste.

    Morbius was more unrefined and off the cuff, which made him more fun.

  • His comments at Althouse's blog are more like that. His blog entries are his long form offerings, but they're easier to find.

  • Laslo's Christina Aguilera graf was my favorite.

    It's the Modern Pop Star Arc.

    First, though, you have to be at least mildly plausible as a Hot Slutty Girl. Sorry, Adele...

    Britney Spears tried the Wholesome-to-Slutty Arc, starting with the simply naught Catholic Schoolgirl Thing, with the shirt tied up to show midriff. When she tried to turn slutty though it didn't quite work: she just looked like a White Trash Southern Girl returning to her roots. And then she didn't arc back to Wholesome, she just sorta waited a bit until Vegas called...

    Christina Aguilera made the Arc: Young Clean Chick singing about Rubbing Genie Bottles to Dirty Xtina in streaked hair,panties and ass-less chaps. The problem is when she went back to wholesome she also got chubby: this raises the question of whether Wholesome was a Career Move or she just ate herself out of the Hot Slut Category...

    Miley Cyrus went from Hannah Montana to twerking Paul McCartney, which seems to be Slutty With Daddy Issues. She also was photographed naked a lot. However, if she uses make-up to cover the tattoos she can still be somewhat convincing of Wholesome, or at least at leaving behind Culture Appropriation. Because there is no room for Wholesome in Hip-Hop...

    Of course, Madonna tried to blaze this trail, but she never really went Wholesome, she just developed a British Accent. Then she kept that accent when she went back to being a Sinewy Dominatrix: this is not Slutty, it's just Embarrassingly Freaky...

    Ariana Grande is in a tough position: she is at the point of her career where she should turn Slutty, but after the Manchester Murders it might seem in Poor Taste. Or more Poor Taste than is intentional, regarding the Slutty Transition. She has to tread carefully: however, the Massacre gave her some Good Will: Madonna probably would have killed for the Notoriety of a Muslim bombing one of HER concerts...

    Just some thoughts, as we wait for the next fifteen-year-old girl to Hop On The Ride...

    I am Laslo.

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