Happy Messages are Free To Pass

  • I've never seen marketing for an algorithm before...



  • I love the happy and unhappy message figures 🙂 

  • Hmm, from the title I expected some kind of Chinglish or
    reverse-Babelfish-translation story... but this is pretty amusing
    too.  I definitely think those images with the stick figures need
    to be animated.  Also, I like the quote that the algorithm "runs
    faster than Dijkstra".  Come on, he's an old man, how fast can he
    possibly run?  (Actually, turns out he died a couple years ago, so I guess there's no question now.)

  • Seems like the algorithm's developer though he could patent it. Given they applied in 2002 and haven't updated the site since, I would maybe guess no such luck.

    I'd be interested to know what the algorithm IS though. The site doesn't say, I wouldn't be surprised if contacting gave no response, and does the US Patent Office keep copies of REJECTED patents?

  • Yeah I was wondering the same thing.  The funniest part about the whole thing is that I found the site from a context add in gmail, in the middle of some dorkversation about some algorithm or other.  So that dude is actually STILL paying for people to go to his outdated site...


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