🐇 Things Our Customers Have Said About NodeBB Thread

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    With the import nearly finalized, it's about time we had one of these topics for NodeBB.

    @ben_lubar said:

    @sloosecannon said:
    @accalia said:
    That's different

    Like mobile?

    One of the most common complaints that I've received about NodeBB is that it works without issues on mobile.

    Wait, not complaints. The other one.

  • @PJH said:

    Is the CSS (easily) modifiable?


    People will moan about women-friendly avatars.

  • Winner of the 2016 Presidential Election

    @sloosecannon said:

    So, after actually playing around with it, I'm really liking NodeBB.

    Nice job @julianlam, @psychobunny, and the rest of your team. I'm impressed.

    Also, installation wasn't bad at all. I installed it from my tablet pushing the shopping cart around at the store and got it done in about a half-hour

    @sloosecannon said:

    Post can be empty


  • @Dreikin said:

    Yeesh, the cold load on nodebb is almost 4 times as fast as Discourse's warm load.

    What will we do with all this newfound snappiness? How will we ever compensate for not having a proper blanking interval between pages?

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