We can create a new CRUD programme for a category in a single day

  • So the manager and I talked and he explained that they expect a junior dev to write a simple CRUD web programme in a day, spending half the day in writing the code and the other half testing it.

    The programme they describe is a category in WTDWTF so if you need a new category, they write a new CRUD programme for that category with its own database table. Of course, there are slight differences, such as, let's say this new "Actual Idiots" category can take multiple attachments, so it's different from "General" category.

    This particular one that I'm working on shows that the NAME column in the database table as Manager in one subcategory and Engineer in another. So they have two different controller, service layer, and DAO. In this case they are using one table for two subcategories.

    I was told to copy and paste so that's how I'm doing it now and that's what I'm doing now.

    So they create a set of database tables for "Actual Idiots" category, along with a java package containing the controller, DAO and model objects.

    I wonder why they wouldn't write something like PHPBB or WordPress.

    Oops, spent too much time here. Gotto go back to jolly copying and pasting.

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