All the Money in the World

  • What kind of code do you need to come up with this summation ...

    ... from Majubma, and obviously originaly from Jack Ganssle

  • You multiply Qty Ordered by Item by Total.

    Also note the tax rate of 0.00%, I want to live wherever this company is!



  • 29.99 + 53.94 = 83.92999999999998 😉

  • And there's free shipping for orders over $80,000,000,000,000!

  • Ah, what's 12 decimal places between friends?

  • "Freight costs other than USPS Priority, Ground Residential or Ground Commercial will be calculate at the time of shipping."

    If it's calculated by the same piece of software, I don't wanna see THAT figure! [:O]

  • I wished I could pay that! 🙂 I don't want to have that stuff, just
    want to be able to buy it for that amount. I'd be worth more than B.
    Gates in that case. [:)]

  • I hope they have a miles advantage card.  They could fly around the world quite a few times!!!

  • RE: All the money in the world...

    I was once looking for firewall software to test out briefly and do a
    presentation on for a networks class (stupid assignment, but I had to
    do it anyway). I found an "Armor2Net" personal firewall in some mass
    consumer database, some Futureshop-equivalent.

    Cost: $0.00

    Shipping: something like 900-odd billion US dollars. For comparison,
    IIRC the entire damn U.S. space program up to 1993 cost only 300-odd

    I took a screencap, added some text, and posted to a "Priceless" site...

    Armor2Net Firewall: free

    Shipping: 900 billion USD

    Watching /someone else's/ massive consumer database go down in flames: Priceless.

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