🔥 (starting a fire :) Africa is poor because: evil white men

  • Question on Quora : Why is Africa so poor?

    I think a lot of the answers point that the root cause and the biggest issue is the colonialism and the West.

    I believe this is racism against both the Africans and the accused.

    Racism, because they think the Africans are so incompetent that they can't even manage their own affairs.
    Racism, because they bluntly blame it on an ethnic group.

    (But it's okay if that ethnic group is white. You can just blame them. Any other browner groups? Not even in your dreams)

    Just imagine if someone said,

    "It's largely because of the black violent culture that the blacks are poor in the U.S."


  • For this sort of question, I recommend the book "Why Nations Fail." Basically, to be rich, you need a strong enough, but not too strong, government, plus the right sort of institutions (inclusive, not extractive are the terms they use).

    I think they provide some pretty good counter arguments to various other theories (and my little sentence summary does a terrible job of summarizing), like simple geographic factors.

  • @boomzilla said:

    I recommend the book "Why Nations Fail."

    Yeah actually some of the answers mentioned that book.

    What I noticed was that these people, in effect, accuse an ethnic group for the crime of destruction of an entire continent.

    I think that is very racist.

    Also, they patronise the native Africans that they cannot manage their own affairs.

    Whoever tries to fuck around, will be successful in doing so. The Africans can't do anything. They are all just victims.

    I think this is another great racism.

    They should be regarded as capable of shaping their own future as any other ethnic group.

  • @Ascendant said:

    I think this is another great racism.


    • Dwarves
    • Humans
    • Goblins
    • Kobolds
    • Elves


    In recent years, Saudi Arabian companies have been acquiring millions of hectares of lands
    overseas to produce food to ship back home. Saudi Arabia does not lack
    land for food production. What’s missing in the Kingdom is water, and
    its companies are seeking it in countries like Ethiopia.

    There has been a history of colonialism, slavery and exploitation. Missionaries to export their religion, and leave a legacy of overpopulation, poor education, tribalism, war and genocide. Now it is in a positive feedback loop, things get worse and water is the resource to be exploited, pretty sad.

  • What is this poll for exactly?

  • @dse
    Very interesting. The African continent is fascinating in its own way.

  • Dupa

    @Ascendant said:

    What is this poll for exactly?

    Don't even dream for this question to be answered. This is @ben_lubar's poll. It's probably for his amusement.

    And he is a sick racist fuck!

  • Both elves and dwarves are well known to be openly, violently racist.

  • Goblins are racist in that they only snatch non-goblin babies.

    Kobolds are always at war because nobody understands their language - not even other kobolds - so they can't make peace treaties.

    What humans value is randomly generated per-civilization, so some humans are racist and other aren't. Inconsistent.

    Dwarves are well known to be racist against elves.

    Elves are racist against anyone who hurts a tree. Which is defined as "anyone who is not an elf".

  • All the fantasy role playing races are racist. Orcs and dark elves/drow are kill-on-sight to a large portion of the player races.

    The thing is, our morality doesn't translate to fantasy worlds like D&D. First of all because some races are created as game elements to be tagged as "always kill this". Second of all because it's possible to actually call up your local deity and ask him or her what they want you to do. Third because it's a universe where good and evil are not abstract metaphysical concepts, but concrete, tangible materials that make up entire planes of existence and form the makeup of entire classes of beings (fiends and celestials). D&D has a black and white morality because good and evil literally exist and you can call them up and have a conversation with them.

  • @ben_lubar said:

    Kobolds are always at war because nobody understands their language - not even other kobolds - so they can't make peace treaties.

    ? How do they form armies?

  • They don't. They show up one at a time in a loincloth and try to steal stuff while stabbing anything that moves with a pointy piece of metal.

  • How do they purchase loincloths at the Loincloth Warehouse?

    Here's a puzzler: if you have a language which nobody else understands, even your own brother or mother, is it really a language???/?????

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