Cisco IKE overflow

  • Whoopsies, coding is hard.

    At least they have a high quality support for---:rofl:

    Sorry, couldn't get that all out with a straight face.

  • I guess this is one more prove that you can't use Cisco products without also buying their service contracts.

    Is Cisco the only network applicance vendor that requires you to pay them money for software updates (non antivirus/spam filter type) of their hardware?

  • I think that's the wrong way to look at it. At least Cisco provides updates, even though you have to pay a service contract to get them. Most of the other router manufacturers (especially home systems) have similar bugs and just leave you swing.

  • I think the license key for Juniper routers are permenant so you can always get bugfixes for the base system (provided they don't reach End-Of-Life of course), only those addition features requires subscription (i.e.: can expire).

  • This explains why our company firewalls where emergency updated yesterday.

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