E-Commerce Sight

  • Hey guise,

    I'd like to set up an E-Commerce sight for a product I'm going to launch in the next few months. It's a physical retail product, and I don't need anything particularly custom (I did a custom web app for my last product, but that level of customization is unnecessary this time).

    I'd like something like Wordpress, but not Wordpress. Which E-Commerce sight app is the least WTFudge? I don't mind self-hosting, or paying someone. I just want something that works, can be styled and can maybe do plugins for some simple customization.

  • .net? Umbraco /ucommerce
    I dont have much experience with it, but people seem to like it.(umbraco seems pretty sane)

  • Magento!

    (hides away)

  • +1 for Umbraco.
    Am currently working on an Umbraco based project for a banking website.
    It's actually quite nice to work with, if you like MVC and the like.

  • @Captain said:

    E-Commerce sight

    You trollin'?

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • Discromancy without Discourse? My mind is blown.

  • Prestashop was easy to get installed when I played with it, but I didn't do anything past the initial just installed stage.

    Magento seems to be the most popular one.

    I think these things are free but want you to pay for plugins, and even credit card payment was a paid plugin in magento when I looked at.

    As I really have no use for it, I never looked more into it.

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