Java advanced imaging is.... this big: <---------------->

  • this big: <---------------->


    (not to scale)

  • @woogmo said:

    this big: <---------------->


    (not to scale)

    Typoed it. It's this big:
    You forgot the !, as well.

    OMG. Try copying and pasting that from the page. Or, better yet, I suppose, view-source... very unusual page.

  • It works in Opera and IE 7, it took me a while to figure out what you were talking about.

  • Official spec


    "A common error is to include a string of hyphens ("---")
    within a comment. Authors should avoid putting two or more adjacent hyphens
    inside comments."


    Firefox specifically doesn't like 151; change that to <!-- --> and it renders everything as intended.  Why it dislikes that one, but is okay with all the other similar lines, I have no idea.


  • And for that matter, why is that an illegal comment anyway?  It's not like the browser would have any trouble finding the beginning and end.

  • <!------------------------------->





    Basically it works like this: <!-- initiates a comment. A comment may not contain --. -- terminates the comment. If another -- is coming, a new comment is started; if a > comes, the tag ends.

    That's the rule from the HTML 4.01 (or actually, SGML)... See also:

    Some examples:

    <!--> this is still part of the comment -->
    <!------> this too -->

    Comment parsing does NOT just consist of finding the strings <!-- and -->, although IMHO it would be better like that.

  • Hmm, even though this is an illegal comment (or at least non-compliant) it should really be fixed in the browsers as soon as possible - otherwise it gives a great simple trick for forcing you to use IE. How long before Micro$oft sprinkle these all over their site?

  • "This one goes up to 31."

        - Nigel Tufnel

  • You can just as well make a site that IE won't show up right but "correct" browsers will.

    <!------> This part is now visible to IE but not to non-IE <!--> And this part is not visible to IE <!--> IE-only again <!--> non-IE again <!----> visible in both again

    And you can make sites IE specific using lots of other ways anyway...

  • Yeah, like MS needed any more public distrust.

    Anyway, Sun people should fix that promptly, because it puts their competence in question.

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