🔥 Delusional woman promoting rape culture

  • What the failure have I just not been able to finish watching?

  • If you don't manage to watch, or don't care.

    It's a woman saying she'll file a false police report claiming rape because there is a black guy (a guy pretending to be black) curious why she (a black girl) is disinterested in minorities.

    My point doesn't need to defend him for trolling her.

    Instead of simply hanging up or filing a report for harassment, she prefers to file a false police report for rape and claims she has control over everyone's lives including the police in her delusional world.

  • area_deu

    And what does that have to do with feminism ...?

    Your topic title is misleading.

  • Maybe,

    But, boy is the behavior consistent.

    Unintended click bait removed from title.

  • So the guy tries to do a prank call, and she's totally serious? What a bunch of idiots. They deserve to meet each other, in a car crash.

  • I see this took place in LA - where the "yes means yes" laws were passed. Those violate our constitutional right of Due Process. It also flies in the face of our "guilty until proven innocent" legal structure by "shift[ing] the burden of proof to (usually male) students accused of sexual offenses..."

    New York is no better with their version, "Enough is Enough":

    What if you had to ask if it was okay to put your hand on the other person's butt during foreplay? What if you had to ask again before touching her breast? What if there was a law that said you had to do this?

    This makes it much easier to claim sexual assault/rape. Not that it was needed to begin with, the way things have been going. Google "False Rape allegations" and look up "false rape" on youtube. The examples are endless, and the destruction to lives is very real. It occurs much more often than false reports of other crimes, with little if any consequence to the false reporter.

    So, is it any wonder why that the "chick" in @xaade's audio clip is using rape allegation as a threat to coerce the caller to do what she wants? Not condoning the caller's tactics, but filing false police reports is a felony in many states (but extremely difficult to prove). This is our Western Culture today.

    What I find ironic is the same people who support such laws are also supporting the mass Muslim immigration initiatives, which - if they had their way with Sharia Law - would virtually erase all the human rights women enjoy today.

    So much progress over so many centuries is liable to disappear in 1 - 2 generations of insanity. Welcome to the Fall of Rome, 21st century edition. Mr. Spock, please have your Stone Knives ready - you're going to need them.

    Feel free to mock that to your heart's content, if it helps you feel better.

    Note: this whole thread belongs in the Side Bar, in my opinion.

  • @redwizard said:

    rape allegation as a threat to coerce the caller to do what she wants?

    Well, if rape is guilty until proven innocent, then why isn't this video enough to throw her in prison?

  • @redwizard said:

    "yes means yes"

    If you're not assertive enough that you need this law, then you don't need to be participating in society. (For your own protection).

    You need bubble shrink wrap and a 100 foot shark infested moat.

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