Hosts file entry required

  • This project got nixed. I used to work in the gambling/gaming industry. All games are 3rd party and use something that resembles OAuth to authenticate.

    General flow for launching a game is:

    1. User clicks on game
    2. Website auths user
    3. check user account balance
    4. Generated 3rd party creds to connect based on player
    5. Launch game if 4 is okay

    Large company made system that had a would have players put in a hosts file entry for step 4.

    It failed after £3 million was spent.

  • Any more thought on how they were going to make their customers do that? sudo vi perhaps?

  • You mean, they gave people instructions to edit their hosts file in order to use the product?

  • I'm in mainland China for Chinese new year now. Just found I cannot login through my Yahoo account here.

    Need to use a SIM card from China Mobile that does not block Yahoo to login once in order to login here...

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