Scanner and Camera Wizard

  • I got my first digital camera yesterday. It's nothing much, just a humble Canon A540. I thought I'd take a few pictures at a friend's wedding today. Then I came home and plugged in the camera to my computer. I run Windows SP Professional SP2, by the way.

    The A540 isn't detected as a USB flash drive, but rather as a camera. Up came the Scanner and Camera wizard, which wouldn't let me select the hundred or so in sequence that I actually wanted (you can check "all" or "clear all").

    So I closed that and opened Explorer to browse inside the camera... lo and behold: 

    Explorer at its best.

  • So you owe it 2 pictures. Be sure to make up the difference promptly, as most digital cameras are quite intolerant of dead-beats.

  • It knows you will take precisely two pictures during your next shooting session.

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