Case the joint!

  • When this happened, I actually said, "WTF." I immediately zipped over here to file a report! 

    So I had the new application that I was supposed to test. The owners of the app zipped me my user name and password and I attempted to log in. No joy. Now, I've been around the block before when it comes to logging into new apps, and my user name is based on my actual name that has some WTF spelling involved, so I went through all the possible permutations they might have accidentally typed for my user name.

    Still no joy.

    Of course, I tried every option I could think of regarding their password by changing the case of different parts of it. Nothing. 

    One thing I hate is having to talk to some help-desky person about logging into an app since they automatically assume you're an idiot - I mean, how hard is it to log in anyway? Geez!

    But I call the folks and patiently jump through all the hoops they offer (i.e. Is caps lock off, type it slowly, etc.). We determine that yes, I am definitely not able to log in.

    Eventually, the folks figure out what happened. When the user enters their user name, the form automatically forces the text to upper case. However, on the admin console when creating the user name, the form allows lower-case data entry - yes, they entered my user name in lower case. And as an extra WTF, for some reason, this app cared about case in a user name. Mind you, this functionality is out of the box behavior for a gigantic enterprise system known the world-over for its HR functions.


  • Ahh...  logging into a CRM that rhyms with feable recently purchased by a man who think's he's God. 

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