Mafia III: Ronin Thread

  • I survived the hour long Uno hand

    Jeff'd from PM, our scum B thread

  • Howd'y, Jarry.

    I appear to be vanilla.

    I've found that in not good with the initial RP, so I'm going to lay low for a day or so and let everyone get it out of their system.

    I'm mobile, I'll be on a undefined-approved computer in a bit.

  • Hi. Sorry for the delay. I'm vanilla too. It looks like it's us against the world. Let's do this!

  • Interesting, hopefully that means town is light on roles too, just a doc and a cop. I'm a little worried that we're so outnumbered, but I guess that's to protect town against no-show modkills.

  • IDK, maybe there's another non-townie faction, or if what i know about ronins has something to do, once a samurai loses its master s/he becomes a ronin.

    for now i think we should RP a little, and see how the day goes...

  • Hopefully there's no cult, with just the two of us it will be very hard to overcome.

    I just saw your interaction with Weng about the whole clan as proxy for mass-claiming thing that's been going on. We should probably pick (different) low-ranking clans to claim. My worry though is that there is a neighborhood/masonry along clan lines, and if we pick wrong it could out us.

    No one has claimed Falcon or Bear yet, I'm leaning towards claiming Falcon should the need arise.

  • Weng jumped right at that thing. Nocha claimed to be from weng's clan, and they didn't knew it. Bit that may be a gambit to out those without a clan. I worry top about a masonry that could out us. I'm not sure about claiming a clan yet. I think we maybe should playbalong with maciej's "the enemy is among the clama" theory. What do you think?
    (sorry for the format, i'm on Mobile right now)

  • @Jarry said:


    also, on what timezone are you? i think we should know when each other is around
    I'm on GMT -3

  • Was going to ask you that as well.

    I'm GMT-8 (Seattle), I'm most available around 7am and 7pm, but I check in through the day in case of emergency.

    I found last game that activity usually picked up around 9am my time, which I assume is because of lunchtime on the US east coast.

  • great, I'm currently working from home so i can be active almost anytime of the day. but i tend to be here around noon and after 7-8 pm to midnight here.

    it looks like we're going for a no-lynch situation, but there's still 4 days to go...

    right now, i think it's a good course for us

  • Shoulda checked here before I posted in the main thread... I think we'll still end up with no-lynch, though I'd rather see two townies get it than (hopefully) just one. I'll reply to abarker and waffle a bit later today just in case.

    I wonder of the votes for no-lynch are from people with night actions who are anxious to get going.

  • meh, no problem, i said it to avoid looking suspicious, but yeah, if we en the day with one innocent dead it would be great

    @reverendryan said:

    I wonder of the votes for no-lynch are from people with night actions who are anxious to get going.

    i was wondering the same thing. abarker is pushing for a no lynch, either he has some power he wants to use ASAP, or he has changed his mind about lynching since last game

  • Ah shit. That's what I get for posting early in the morning. I'm going to hop on the fbmac wagon in a bit (mobile, etc) to try and deflect the conversation away from placeholder, assuming that doesn't happen on its own.

    I think you should stay off this one just in case..

  • Phew, looks like it didn't stick. Not really sure how I would have deflected it anyway, it was a stupid thing to say even if I were town. I'll lay low until tomorrow and won't post until I've had some coffee.

    With all the votebot nonsense, I did an unofficial tally. I have fbmac @ 3, nolynch @ 2, me @ 1, and aliceif @ 0 (after fbmac's waffles).

    @Yamikuronue, no hard feelings about the typo. I'll just pretend you let accalia type my name 😄

  • phew. we need to keep an eye on placeholder if he keeps pointing your way.
    right now it looks like poor fbmac is going to keep incriminating himself...

  • Any thoughts on what I should say to get placeholder to switch his vote?

  • it looks like placeholder's accusation backfired on him.
    i'm still catching up on the thread

  • Xaade has me very confused.

  • he has all of us confused 😛 right now he's being really helpful

    anyway, this day will either end with a no-lynch or with someone who isn't us lynched...
    i think abarker may have some kind of investigative role..

  • @Jarry said:

    right now he's being really helpful

    Seriously - if maciej dies, I get sorta-cleared? Nice...

    @Jarry said:

    i think abarker may have some kind of investigative role..

    He was already my top pick. Now we just have to 🍷 about who gets protection tonight.

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