If you like your watch, you can keep your function watch() { [native code] }.

  • Apparently there is a messaging app called Voxer, and it has some weird issues, as a friend of mine recently discovered. It apparently replaces words that are names of methods on JavaScript objects with the actual methods themselves. Now, normally method names like toString and hasOwnProperty don't appear in normal conversation, but "watch" does...

    Until now I hadn't even heard of this app, but I find it strange that it runs on a mobile phone and is somehow involving JavaScript. Maybe the developers need to learn the true function valueOf() {
    [native code]
    } code reviews...

  • Based on this and this, they do native development, and since watch is not something you usually find on browsers, maybe it's something on their NodeJS backend.

  • Maybe they're looking in a std::map<std::string, std::string> to find emoji replacements and they fucked it up.

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    @LB_ said:

    it runs on a mobile phone and is somehow involving JavaScript.

    Oh you naive person.

    Have you ever heard of WebViews?

    They let you open an html page.

    They're perfect for designing mobile apps that are cross platform, slow on everything (except iOS apparently, because iOS JS perfomance is undefined AWESOME), and combine the crappiness of web apps with the un-portability of native!

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    Also, you should see if you can find an exec() in there somewhere. That would be fun. For !!☼SCIENCE☼!!

  • That was my first thought. At least they didn't do the clbuttic "eval" => "review" replacement...

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