Broken Bluelevator

  • So I'm at the bottom of the status thread. Note the bluelevator:

    I have a notification saying Boomz liked a post in the status thread:

    I click on the notification, expecting to jellypotato up to that post. What I get is:

    Thanks, bluelevator.

  • Impossible Mission Players - A

    I wondered what that was about. Apparently, since it's "in view" (i.e. loaded), it indeed highlighted the affected post, but (since it was "in view already") didn't actually jellypotato up to it.

    Edit: Actually, since it wouldn't be a jellypotato at that point (since it doesn't need to load it), I suppose it would have been a normal scroll-to, so that's why it was :doing_it_wrong:.

  • TIL: Bluelevators don't scroll-to.

  • Newlevator*

  • area_deu

    Just click on it and hit enter?

  • I went back to the status thread to try that, and it jellypotatoed me to the correct post as soon as I clicked on the notification. Seems like other Discobugs that disappear after a refresh.

    I'm guessing to reproduce, I'd have to be at the bottom of a thread and get a notification about a post earlier in the same thread that's still "in view".

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