Dates are hard, even for Facebook

  • Many people have a few friends that they feel like they've known forever. Apparently Facebook is trying to guess which ones.

  • Oh man, you know ████████ ████ too? He's such a great guy.

  • Aren't they a day early with that? 1 Jan 1970 is 46 years ago tomorrow.

  • How do timezone even?????????????????????

  • 1970 is the unix epoch, which is always UTC. @Dragnslcr posted this many hours before midnight UTC. So this looks like 'timestamp set to zero', but then they must be additionally doing something else weird for it to trigger early.

  • I reported a bug with Events where you set an event date and time, then press edit and it jumps back 18 hours. This has changed event days and times without noticing, if say you are editing your event details/description and don't notice this bug!

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