Shadowy dealer of ... consumer grade goods?

  • A friend who also happens to be a fan of the site suggested that I
    submit a my recent story of satisfying technology addicts needs...

    Aaron: I'm making an emergency run to best buy for someone because they
    need 6 UPSs and they won't make it in time
    Aaron: and I'm going to spend $1200 of my own money and someone will
    meet me with cash in a town 40 miles west of me (the best buy is 40
    miles east of me and closes in an hour)
    Aaron: he works for a bank and it is apparently for them
    Aaron: the cash exchange will happen in a gas station parking lot

    After I left for Best Buy, the friend who needed the UPSes called and
    asked if I could provide a small sum of cash (to be reimbursed) as
    compensation to the Best Buy employee he'd talked to on the phone who
    was collecting the needed goods to speed up the process. There were no
    problems collecting the goods and I turned around, to drive some 80
    miles past my point of origin to where I was to meet the individuals
    with the cash (and the, shall we say, great need). The gas station
    meeting proved problematic and we ended up meeting in the parking lot of
    a dimly lit Walmart. Assured that he'd  only come with those he had told
    me of ahead of time, I emerged from the shadows to inform him I had his
    "juice" and to collect a fat envelope of cash, and unload 6 unusually
    heavy boxes into his waiting vehicle. Nods and a few dry quips
    exchanged, we left the parking lot and headed in our different ways. My
    take for this nights activities? Around $310 in cash, and a story great
    enough to easily justify the 3 hours of driving.

  • I know! the WTF is the submitting of a boring, poorly written story, right?


  • Ok, so the WTF is that you were going to meet with someone in a gas station parking lot with $1200 worth of goods late at night? That is a WTF.

  • The real WTF is that the bank didn't send an employee down the street to the walmart or some other store and buy a generator!

  • @unklegwar said:

    I know! the WTF is the submitting of a boring, poorly written story, right?



    The idea of the situation is funny. 

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