Monogame Load Font

  • Following @Lorne_Kates thread, I decided to give monogame another try, just to see how it's been progressing in comparison to Unity3d

    I have simple images I can load, ezpz no problem.

    But I have a new challenge:

    I want to:

    1. Load a font (Normal .ttf or .spritefont)
    2. Write 'Hello World' on the canvas.

    Seems easy right? Like literally the very first thing you learn in any language?

    So, How do I do it? (The current main issue I'm encountering is that monogame's load function doesn't seem to implement SpriteFont, and searching the intarwebs for just normal text writing is surprisingly unrelated results.

  • To do this, you need to:


    1. Create a mono game project (Your normal project)
    2. Create a second project that is an XNA game
    3. In the XNA game content project, create a new sprite font
    4. Compile the build in release mode
    5. Copy the new release font into the mono game project
    6. Load the font
    7. Draw the font

    It's been like this since the beginning. WOULD YOU HURRY THE FUCK UP WITH THE GOD DAMN CONTENT PIPELINE!

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