Mafia II: Mafia in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! - Ɯ Compartment (FROM PM)

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    PMs will appear here momentarily

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    You all live in Ɯ Compartment! You may chat here freely about the game.

    This confers you no extra powers and does not change your win conditions. You may, however, discuss strategy and exchange information in private.

    Good luck!

    (For the record, I am mentally calling this 'Double U Compartment')

  • Oh hey, @xaade's playing? Didn't catch you in the signup thread.

    Hope your argument skills are up to par...

  • You're not very good at neighbour relations, are you now? Jeesh, you try to jig the game a bit, make people start actually playing, and all you get in thanks is a bunch of fingers pointed at you *sigh*

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    Sorry, after last game I'm a little jumpy :) I didn't vote, mind. There's almost nothing to go on for day one, so it's more, do we trust you to ringlead or not?

  • I'm agreeing with reverendryan, though - without at least a bit of RVS everyone starts musing around with the roleplay and there's no way to catch anyone acting scummy.

    I'm not really ringleading, just trying to move the game a bit from "oh cool, we're on a spaceship" mode to "finding the Mafia" mode.

  • Sorry, still a bit confused.

    I'm still trying to figure out how I do things....

  • @Yamikuronue said:


    Interesting choice of words.

  • @xaade said:

    I'm still trying to figure out how I do things....

    You go into the thread and start arguing, just like everywhere else on the forum.

    If you have a role or some other ability where you "visit" someone, you'll PM it to @Weng later, after the day ends.

    Now here's a question - do we out the neighbourhood (ahem, compartment) publicly? @Yamikuronue knows my thoughts on neighbourhoods from the last game.

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    Might make us a target: my flipping neighborhood seemed to startle the Mafia last game. Being in a neighborhood can be an advantage if we don't end up as deaths 1 and 2 >.>

  • @Yamikuronue said:

    Being in a neighborhood can be an advantage if we don't end up as deaths 1 and 2 >.>

    Well, that's the problem - if either of us is scum, then the rest makes for nice N1 targets already since the Mafia doesn't know anything about the balance except for that.

    Then again, we might be all townies, and there's likely another neighbourhood given the naming, so maybe it's not as pressing.

    I wonder what's the scum/town balance here. I suppose it's not 2 scum, since the townie is as good as dead then, so either all-town or 2/1, I guess.

  • Does being in a neighborhood mean we're all on the same side?

  • That's the most fun thing, it usually doesn't.

  • mod

    Last time we all flipped Town, but then, last time we had a different mod, so who knows?

  • There's likely two neighbourhoods, too (though with @Weng, you can't be sure), so maybe we're the all town one.

    You're probably not both scum, though... I'm really tempted to lynch one of you and have the other confirmed town, but we're probably all townies and it's gonna backfire badly.

  • @xaade, I can see your hanzo edits, don't do that or you'll get struck by a bolt from the... uh, well, there's no sky, but you know what I mean.

  • I'm adding to my posts, mostly. I don't want to spam.

  • Just add another response. There's a no editing rule since someone might edit something out, so no one should bat an eye if you respond a few times in a row.

  • KK.............

    <not descriptive>

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    Observe all the lovely polyhedral gods primed to roll a 1.

  • Damn, should've clarified with @Weng how flipping works in the setting. Now I'll have Onyx thinking we have a batcomputer we just need to get to.

    Also, it's really tiresome to explain why no-lynch D1 is a bad idea...

  • It's funny that no one gets that I'm being very logical in what I'm doing.

  • And it's convenient that we're in this same room so I can say that here.

    After the next day, if I survive, then I'll point out what I'm doing and why.

  • Well, you likely won't get shot... but the lynch is another matter. And I have no idea what you're trying to pull off, but so far you're anti-town as hell, and if you're a townie then the Mafia will have a field day with lynching you.

  • @Maciejasjmj said:

    and if you're a townie then the Mafia will have a field day with lynching you.


  • mod

    Yeah, no offense neighbor, but I'm starting to think you might be scum. That or a third party like Maciej was last time, trying to sow confusion.

  • Honestly I think if he's scum, then abarker is bussing him hard. Third party maybe, but he doesn't benefit from confusion if he's dead.

  • mod

    Unless he's... what's the word. The one that wants to be lynched?

  • Jester? I know @Weng's an ass, but that much of an ass?

  • There you go guys.

    I just outed all the mafia.

    Have fun.

  • mod

    I dunno. When I see an explicit declaration of Bastardy, l assume all bets are off

  • @Yamikuronue said:

    The one that wants to be lynched?

    Team player.

    I intend to die. It's just that I'll show the majority of the enemy.

  • If you flip innocent then we have nothing, since you've made yourself look scummy enough for the town to want to lynch you too. If you flip scum then I'm voting abarker.

  • @Maciejasjmj said:

    for the town to want to lynch you too.

    That just makes them assholes.

  • @xaade said:

    That just makes them assholes.

    No, that makes them actually somewhat reasonable, since they're lynching the scummiest player.

  • mod

    Look, if you want to go forward with this plan, having stated as much as you have publically, I guess you should contact Weng and suicide, so you can prove your role by flipping. Then we can lynch one of the scum you found today.

  • We'll be one townie down, and we'll have little to work with since there are good reasons to lynch him on the town side. Are you sure you're not scum yourself?

  • mod

    Good point. It's too late to say "hey, that's a stupid plan, don't do it", so... I guess we just move on and ignore Xaade now? I mean, I assume we don't want to waste our lynch.

    Unless he's actually scum and playing us masterfully. But um... I'm doubting that one. Just a hunch.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place


  • I'm used to being ignored.

  • Well, I found 4 of the mafia.

  • Seriously, the logic used to actually lynch me is pretty bad.

    Maybe to throw a stone at me, but to actually kill me.... pretty bad.

  • mod

    @xaade said:

    I found 4 of the mafia.

    Which four voted for you? I'm still waiting on Weng's list.

  • I still like the possibility that abarker is bussing him. What I don't think is that he'd lay out this kind of case D1 on a townie that we'll probably be lynching sooner or later anyway.

    @xaade said:

    Well, I found 4 of the mafia.

    Congratulations, you've... probably solved the whole game given there's 17 of us.

    Dude, they don't know you're a townie. Hell, I don't know you're a townie. And if you're acting scummy, then the town will vote for you and the bandwagon will be as random as it gets.

    @Yamikuronue said:

    Which four voted for you? I'm still waiting on Weng's list.

    abarker, reverendryan, DoctorJones and Jaloopa.

  • @Maciejasjmj said:

    And if you're acting scummy

    Then I'm really dumb, and the whole mafia is really dumb.

  • Are you?

  • JazzyJosh votes for DoctorJones.


  • Ok, I'm bored again.

  • Aaaand we're starting off by lynching neighbourhood. Nice tradition we have going on here...

    Pretty sure you'll end up lynched, so for the next game - for the love of God, if you're town, don't deliberately act scummy and then accuse everyone who votes for you. You're just helping the Mafia hide in your wagon.

    And at this point, we need to lynch you, because the other option is to not lynch you today and then lynch you tomorrow, which is a total waste of a day.

  • mod

    Wow, I missed a ton while I was at the dentist.

    At this point I'm starting to think neighborhood means death should be some kind of meme for us XD

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