Mafia II: Mafia in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! - Ѫ Compartment (FROM PM)

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    Ѫ Compartment PM will appear here shortly.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    You all live in Ѫ Compartment! You may chat here freely about the game.

    This confers you no extra powers and does not change your win conditions. You may, however, discuss strategy and exchange information in private.

    Good luck!

    (For the record, I am mentally calling this "Little Alien Dude Compartment")

  • According to google, it's the Cyrillic letter big yus.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    This is no place for facts!

  • Anyway, the letter is apparently archaic, and no longer in use in any language. And wikipedia does not list it as being part of an ordered alphabet. So this ends up giving us slightly less information than we would have had from a name like 'Delta compartment'.


  • aaaaawwwwwww yus!

    anyone wants the top bunk?


    Given my RP role and how I intend to play it, I'll take the bottom in the spirit of the character 😛

    I wonder if we should come out with our RP roles here (logically, we'd know each other within the compartment, no?) or leave it for the main thread? I was a bit poor on the RP side last time, I kinda want to have more fun with it now!

  • Apparently I'm on the couch, (OOC: Opening RP). Least there's good sleeping pills, and my day duties are light.

  • so, i get the top bunk.

    so long for the "vacations" i was planning to have until we arrive. as a cargo handler i had nothing to do... until yesterday...


    So, since there's no reason to keep writing these memos.... what do you all think of this whole mess? I was out cold for a while (OOC: busy as all hell IRL) so I missed the initial excitement, but all these accusations... they seem kind of baseless.

  • OOC: We're not going to get any real information until the saboteurs take action. Any lynch on day 1 will be baseless unless a non-loyal player slips up.


    Gentlemen, sleep with one eye open, there's no saying what might happen this night!


    Ok, speaking up about compartments - apparently a bad idea.

    OOC: people seem to use the compartment thing, too.

  • I've suspected from the start that everyone's in a compartment. Seems like @abarker did too. But @maciejasjmj seems to be going crazy over it.


    It makes sense from the setting point of view anyway. I mean, this is a damned spaceship, there's no suburbs here, or little cottages near the woods.

    Also, I'm going a bit OOC here, I guess that's fine? @Weng, what do the rules say?

  • And everyone's gotta sleep somewhere. Private cabins seem unlikely at our rank. Though @Yamikuronue seems to sleep around?


    Yeah, it's weird... I'd say she's pulling something weird, but it does seem confirmed by both compartments. So unless both compartments are completely filled by a faction that has alternate means of communication and can thus coordinate, we should assume it true I guess.

    Or factions? Maybe these mutineers are in league with the conspirators? Still seems like a bit of a stretch but...

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    RP is not mandatory, but is encouraged. With this crowd some amount of metagame is inevitable and I refuse to fight the tide.

    Mind you I have no idea what you're talking about because I'm 50 posts behind on account of the beer, fish and chips and lovely company I have at the moment, so if there's a problem I'll let you know later.

  • so... we're still alive or are we going to die in the hands of the traitors mutineers from space?

  • and, if my count is right, at least one of the members of the "little alien dude compartment" is one of them...

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    That's between you and the alleged traitors. I haven't crunched the action yet on account of massive work chaos but will get it out there tonight.

  • no problem, take your time. the questions was for my roomies


    Sounds about right on the maths front.

    Well, we never shared enough info in here to conclude anything on that front outside the public discussion I guess.

    I also kinda wonder now - is everyone actually in a compartment and silent about it, or not? Do you feel that's a point we should bring up in public, or are we better off being silent about it as we were until now?

  • @Onyx said:

    is everyone actually in a compartment and silent about it

    I've been assuming so. Everyone's been keeping quiet on it though.


    Well, since we can't afford to fragment votes any more... I may have jumped on too fast yesterday, but my main suspects (as in, most likely to be Mafia, since we can't afford a mislynch) have been Jaloopa and DoctorJones.

    I'm starting to think I've been wrong on that one, because DoctorJones is mighty damn suspicious. Probably shold have voted him yesterday, too. Fortunately, other than lost time no damage done if Jaloopa is crew, since he survived...

    Anyone else have any thoughts? Do you think we should agree and vote as a group to avoid fragmenting the votes, or should we do quite the opposite and deny any connections? Both are dangerous in their own right but...

  • I fear that'd make me draw attention... I've been jumping on plausible-sounding bandwagons and people are casting doubt on my voting behaviour because of it. If we vote with the compartment we'll have to out the compartment first. I'm okay with doing that.


    @PleegWat said:

    If we vote with the compartment we'll have to out the compartment first. I'm okay with doing that.

    Yes, that was implied, sorry if I didn't make it clear enough. Otherwise we might easily be clustered together as scum instead.

    You do remember how outing compartments ended up before though? Again, personally, I'm fine with outing it as well, but the reaction of the crew might be... less than desirable.

    I'm really torn about this. Transparency about the compartment is potentially useful to the whole crew, but given how suspicious everyone is I fear that the effect might be quite the opposite. Personal safety aside, mudding the waters is not something we need. This is a bit of a damned if you do - damned if you don't situation, IMHO.

  • True. We have to somehow cause more compartments to reveal, or it may just be seen as a front for mafia acting together.

    Also I don't think we've done anything to confirm each other in the compartment yet?


    Not really, no. I guess we've been pretty silent in general, both here and in the public. I don't see how much we can do at this point, really, any suggestions?

    Given your earlier idea about one of us here being scum, do we really want to out any potential roles right now? If we started talking earlier it might have been easier, but right now I fear the paranoia might take over and make any discussion pretty charged with mistrust.

    Again, open to ideas in any case.

  • @Onyx said:

    I fear the paranoia might take over and make any discussion pretty charged with mistrust.


    also: it looks like accalia wasn't in a compartment. I wonder how many compartments are out there.
    i believe the whole yami is in two compartments it's a gambit to cover up. but i may be wrong...

  • Xaade and macie's compartments weren't in their flips either.

  • Interesting - I just realized nobody from this compartment is dead yet. And neither is anyone from @abarker's compartment. coincidence?


    @PleegWat said:


    I'd assume so. Unless you're assuming an all-scum compartment?

    Personally, I have to look through my PMs with Weng and compile a report, I can't try and claim vanilla any more. I'll do that (OOC: tomorrow, too damned tired now, about to go to bed) and post about my incredibly crappy luck to main logs...


    Initial message, because @Weng and Dischorse do not play well together.

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