Thank you, TortoiseSVN...

  • That was really helpful. :headdesk:

  • Git just tells you which directory/file you need to delete when things get screwed up. Because git's internal workings are also its user interface.

  • How do you want to handle the cases where something went so wrong that the tool can't fix it automatically anyway? Git at least tells you something that is actionable.

  • I wasn't saying that what git did was bad by any means, I actually prefer it :<!---->)

  • :belt_onion:

    In my new work (less than 2 weeks) my first push is to convert all of svn crap to gitlab. Who wants a crappy application client when there are perfect web interfaces. Thanks to git svn and blakeyless environment ;)

  • I just had to uninstall TortoiseSVN because when I'm debugging my win32 process, it crashes when my program is closed because of the damn explorer extensions (on Win10).

  • When I called svn cleanup from the command line, it still failed, but at least it gave me an error message that contained enough information (like, the exact name of the failfile causing the problem) for me to fix it. Why can't the UI give me that same information, say, by having a button "Show Details" which does exactly that?

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