Vodafone.com.au JavaScript

  • Not really a WTF, but funny nontheless. A registration form on the Vodafone.com.au website has a JavaScript function named "hideAsterixesFunkyPasswordBoxStuff", and another one named "show AsterixesFunkyPasswordBoxStuff"

    // Call from on focus
    function hideAsterixesFunkyPasswordBoxStuff(secretAnswer) {
    if (document.getElementById('secretAnswerChanged').value == 'false') {
    secretAnswer.value = '';

    // Call from blur
    function showAsterixesFunkyPasswordBoxStuff(secretAnswer) {
    var blurryAnswer = document.getElementById('blurryAnswer').value;
    if (secretAnswer.value != blurryAnswer && secretAnswer.value != '') {
    else {
    if (document.getElementById('secretAnswerChanged').value=='false') {
    secretAnswer.value = blurryAnswer;


  • Ooh. Such a huge company; I wonder if they're paying their royalties for all those Asterixes...

    Asterix != asterisk

  • Their entire site is one giant WTF.  I've had numerous problems there, including trying to change my billing to a different credit card - it came back with an error saying I had exceeded the maximum number of changes for the month when in fact I had never changed anything ever before.

    The number of NaNs and "undefined" values you get if you don't use IE is just embarassing, and apparently they have no immediate plans to support other browsers.  The worst part is that it doesn't do any browser checks at all, it will still try to process your payments etc with the form full of undefined values.  It's only when it throws errors during the server-side processing and you contact customer support (if by some stroke of luck the Contact Us page is working that is) that they will tell you, in an annoyed tone, that you should have been using "a supported browser".


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