Hosting Company Advice - How much bandwidth?

  • I'm not sure how to estimate how much bandwidth I would need for a website.  It's basically just a blog.  Mostly text, some pics, a few zips.  Probably wont get much traffic.  Is 10GB a month enough?

  • How big is everything? Like, if you selected your pages, your pictures, and your zip files, how many bytes are selected?

    How many hits do you think you'll get a month?

    Multiply the two. This is your theoretical upper bound. That assumes that everyone downloads every picture and every zip file. It's a very impractical upper limit... but it's one.

    You will likely be more than fine with 10GB a month... unless you're hosting files for the latest game release or a free adult site.

  • If you're asking this question, buy a bandwidth-limited package instead of a transfer-limited package. (Bandwidth is measured in bytes per second, not bytes). Any reputable hosting company should offer both kinds. If it's just a tiny site like that, a typical 20kb/sec package should be plenty. After a few months you'll know what your actual traffic usage is like, and can change to a more appropriate package if you like.

    If the hosting company you are looking at is only offering transfer-limited packages, that's a strong warning sign that you should avoid this company. Such people are out to squeeze you for money, and typically have many hidden charges.

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