Japan grossly weakens freedom of the press. Who's at fault? THE US OF COURSE!

  • Why here's some evidence:

    Shortly after the act was passed,US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, voiced Washington’s approval:

    We support the evolution of Japan's security policies, as they create a new national security strategy, establish a National Security Council, and take steps to protect national security secrets.

    Of course, "US Ambassador to Japan makes weak statement vaguely supporting already-passed legislation" is the exact same thing as, "US forces Japan to abandon freedom of the press!!!"

    But what would the motive of that be!?

    Why, so Japan could join the US on the War on Terror (or Syria, or whatever we're calling it this week):

    Worded purposefully vague, the laws allow Japan to send military forces to fight overseas for the first time since World War Two. These troops will fight alongside - or more likely under the command of - the US.

    Le gasp!

    The US is so rotten guyz!


    The US reacted to the passage of the bills withenthusiastic support. The State Department said:

    We welcome Japan’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the alliance and play a more active role in regional and international security activities, as reflected in Japan’s new security legislation.

    Dear Lord in heaven!

  • Winner of the 2016 Presidential Election Banned

    I dunno, it looks like freedom.press is still operational and conspicuously not dismantled. Otherwise, how could we view their obviously not biased article?

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @Fox said:

    I dunno, it looks like freedom.press is still operational and conspicuously not dismantled.

    You just wait, they'll be censored any day now. Eventually.

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