AIM Triton WTF

  • Tried to install AIM/Triton on Windows 2000 Server, SP4. Got this informative dialog (sorry for JPEG):

    Also, got this message awhile back, but it didn't make the Potpourri:

  • You're actually about 500k short of 128 megabytes.  I'd guess that your BIOS has reserved a few hundred K for something.


    A full 128MB is 131,072 kb



    One might also suggest that the Real WTF is that you're trying to run cutting edge bloatware like Triton on a 10 year old PC. 

  • Actually, that's apparently not it, I've increased RAM to 134,640Kb [132Mb] in vmware and it STILL refuses to install. I think it might not like the Windows 2000 Server I have on here.

    And just so you're wondering, this is actually vmware on a 7-year old PC [1GHz P3, 512Mb RAM] and normally I use MirandaIM on Windows and gaim or Bitlbee on *nix.

  • I almost thought this was a real pc and was gonna say something WTF you only have 1GB harddisk

  • mmm KeyLogger

  • This is the same reason I never managed to install Triton. It pops me up that message even though I have a full GB of RAM. Good riddance, the classic AIM's better anyway.

  • I had a similar sort of situation trying to install Oracle AS 10 on my work machine a couple of weeks ago. It kept failing the prereq checks, telling me that I needed at least 1.5GB of swap space (on a Windows machine). The machine actually had 2GB of page file available, but this was managed by Windows. I manually configured it to 3GB, and Oracle's installer was happy.

  • Of course, The Real WTF(tm) is that you actually want to use the official AIM client at all. Any program that displays ads with sound while I'm trying to use my computer goes straight to my recycle bin.

    On a related note, web ads with sound will earn an instant adblock (for the whole ad server).

  • Yeah, AIM is one of those programs that by default installs about 12 icons on your desktop, another in your quick launch & start menu, puts itself in your notification area, installs 5 more items in your startup (for your convenience, of course), puts toolbars in IE....

    And then on top of that, it comes bundled with even worse crap like Weatherbug.

    You should buy that computer a case of beer for refusing to install it.

    Recently I've been using Trillian as my AIM and IRC client - it's much better in that sense.

  • @Sunstorm said:

    the classic AIM's better anyway.

    Bite your tongue! The best AIM client is Trillian.


    Actually, the best AIM client is not having AIM. 😃

  • I coded my own AIM client in C# as an end of course project. Now there's a source of WTFs I need to revisit sometime.

    Trillian's ok, but the whole all-in-one thing just doesn't appeal to me. Plus it loses all of the nicer functions of the other messengers, like MSN.

  • I'm a Gaim fan myself. Its fast, works well for the things I need it for, and has a couple of neat features to boot (such as the Psychic Mode plugin).

  • I take those "minimum requirements" to not be very exact, so the fact that it requires 45 MB and you have only 56 free is my first red flag. When it comes down to temp files and disk cache and stuff like that, you probably want to consider installing it on a different drive. Or clear out some disk space, tho on a 1GB drive it might be tough to do. Or just don't use AIM.

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