Webmaster/Car Mechanic combo job @ WUnderground

  • I wished I had saved the webpage to prove this but sometime around 1999-2000 on http://WUnderground.com they had a job posting for a new webmaster that could also double as a car mechanic.  I'm not joking, I swear on my grandmother's grave.

    My guess is the company was super small, probably a CEO, 1 webmaster, 1 network guy and a secretary and they ran everything remotely at a NOC.  The webmaster probably liked cars and would fix the CEO's car for him.

    Well anyways, I couldn't stop laughing when I read this absurd request and I showed all my coworkers.  I eventually emailed the company and said "I'm a web master and I also do boat repair work and a little jet plane repair but I have no car repair exp, would you still be interested?"  They never replied 🙂

  • Found it - "Auto Repair" under "Preferred Additional Skills".

  • You're a bad ass for finding it, somehow I obviously passed it.  I was actually afraid nobody would believe me without a url.  I saved this one to my local humor directory as it's a keeper.

  • Ha ! That's great! Awesome find, too, in the Archive!

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