Account creation failed. No wait, we were just kidding!

  • So I want to check out this bintray thing and decide to sign up via GitHub. It brings me to an account creation page with my details filled in and an error message above the username field "This name is already taken by another account" (my username is "LB--"). I'm pretty sure this actually means that dashes are not allowed, so I go to edit the field...except it's read only.

    No problem, I just use the chrome dev console to make it editable and change it to "LB" and submit. 405 Not Allowed nginx page.

    I head back to the main site and there's a message at the top "account creation failed". I guess maybe they want more than two characters, so I start over. Suddenly, it logs me in to my account no problem and even has the two letter username I wanted... undefined

  • @LB_ said:

    even has the two letter username I wanted

  • Oh wait, are you talking about this account that was registered in 2011?

  • @ben_lubar I'm talking about or perhaps you misunderstood "sign up via GitHub" - nothing happened to my GitHub account except that I authorized another application. I didn't link to it originally because I wasn't sure yet how much free advertising I wanted to give.

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