Anyone here used Visual Studio 2015's Diagnostic Tools yet?

  • I'm trying to debug a memory leak that suddenly occurs after about 1.5 hours of runtime. I upgraded my project to VS2015 (was original VS2008) so I could use the new Diagnostic Tools, and I'm able to take snapshots and monitor memory usage over time. However, the snapshots are rather worthless. I can explore one and clearly tell that something is blowing up memory usage, but all the items are labeled [Unknown Frame] instead of actually showing me C++ types like it promised. I suspect there's a project setting I have to enable but Google is failing me.

    Any ideas?

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    Managed or unmanaged c+? I don't know if that all works in unmanaged.

  • It's unmanaged.

  • Have you got unmanaged debugging enabled?

  • Well I can debug into the C++ application with no problem...

    In any case, we found a deeper cause of the issue. Something in the firmware on our device went wonky and overran a buffer so it's no surprise the rest of the application went haywire.

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