Deletion of phantom bookmarks leads to negative bookmark count

  • Also, phantom bookmark resurrects after deletion if page is refreshed. Repeat ad nauseam for continued amusement.

  • Missing something?

  • @rc4 said:

    Missing something?

    How dare you publicly reveal my publicly available information!

  • Yeah, wouldn't want to let people know about that undefined count...they might get jealous! 😆

  • Found a better way to repro:

    1. Click on Bookmarks and delete the phantom bookmark
    2. Click on Badges without refreshing the page
    3. Click back to Bookmarks, the phantom bookmark has reappeared
    4. Delete the bookmark again, the count has decremented!

    How low can we go?

  • Looks like Jeff chose to store it in a signed long, just for us!

    [spoiler]I'm just kidding[/spoiler]

  • So, instead of counting bookmarks, they count the actions of adding and deleting a bookmark and subtract?

    ...well shit, no wonder the performance on the Profile page is down the drain.

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