Polarizing technologies

  • Users on Stack Overflow Careers, our site for matching developers with jobs, can create customized profiles (“CVs”) to show to prospective employers. As part of these profiles, they have the option of specifying specific technologies they like or dislike.

    This produces an interesting and unusual opportunity for our data team to analyze the opinions of over 150,000 developers. There are many ways to measure the popularity of a language (# of Stack Overflow questions, GitHub repositories, Google searches, etc- see here, for example). But this dataset is a rare way to find out what technologies people tend to dislike, when given the opportunity to talk about them.

    Back in the outside world, universally least disliked technology in the top 25: git

  • More incomprehensible charts. Does anyone realize that people put charts in so that you can see the data without having to read four paragraphs of dense text or decipher incomprehensible legends.

  • Right, dupe

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

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