Uploading... and tabs

    1. Have multiple Discotabs

    2. Upload an image in one tab

    3. Hit reply in another tab while the first tab still has the Uploading... placeholder

    4. Notice the composer window in the tab you're not uploading an image has a disabled Reply button and the "Uploading 100%" text.

    5. Notice this continues even when if the upload is done in the first tab

    6. Notice this still continues for multiple posts (because Ctrl+Enter works even when the Reply button is disabled) until the tab is refreshed


    INB4 tabs are undefined

  • Impossible Mission Players - A


  • You don't need multiple tabs to cause this, just cancel out of the image upload. It'll be stuck from then on.

    Happens to me maybe 50-60% of the time I try to upload a image in the last week or so.

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