Shamelessly flaunt your websites here

  • I'm bored and I'll bet some of you are too. Show off some of your sites.

     Here's mine.. well, sort of mine: I couldn't sleep this week so I spent two hours and tied a bunch of components together. The idea is simple, anyone can edit the home page to say whatever they want. I don't care because it ain't my site. I have no control over what shows up at any given time, so be forewarned if you're checking from work.

    It's been a fun experiment in social behavior so far.

    So, what about you guys? Give me something to click on (oh, and please indicate if it's work safe or not).

  • It's not really enjoyable to look at or anything, but this website of mine is more of a tool, and can be quite useful (imho):

    I love searching from the browser's address bar (typing g bananas to search for "bananas" on Google), but it's a pain to set up on each computer I visit or work on. That's why I made a site to centralize the search engine database. What happens is that I use a single search keyword (in this case s) that directs to the search bar on my website, then let the website analyze the next keyword in line to determine the real search engine to redirect to. From my address bar I can now type

    s g search on google
    s i search on IMDB
    s im search google images
    s wp search wikipedia
    s d search
    s tv search
    s yt search YouTube

    And many more...

    If you're so inclined, the engine database is freely editable by anyone, so if you want to add your own search engines, feel free to do so!

  • Checked out, liked, installed registry file, loving it

    Excellent job

  • I'll shamelessly flaunt my own website again.

    Just finished a new tool that might be useful to some of you. I've recently had to configure a few too many WEP keys on wireless routers... and while figuring out the hex codes is pretty easy in the interactive Python shell:

    >>> ''.join([hex(ord(c))[2:] for c in 'mypass'])

    ...I figured making a website for it was just as convenient, and could also be useful for other people. About ~1hr's work; and I'd like to hear your opinions on the security of this approach...


  • @Albatross said:


     If it helps, you just made me lose

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