• Not a dba, but I really hate Whoracle 'cause I have to try to figure out how to configure their Forms & Reports on the application servers - which is complex maze of tweaks, tricks and beating it with sticks.  Metalink is marginally helpful but their tech support is an oxymoron - or maybe just a moron.  Their support staff is first and foremost trained in artful dodging and marketing.  They'll give you the runaround like "have you installed the latest patch yet?" or "we don't support that in Reports6 but hey, it's supported in 10g!!"   It is SO aggravating - we pay thousands of dollars to these punks and they give us NOTHING but nonsensical advice. 

    I have to say their DB is rock solid on a unix platform but I wouldn't give a nickel for it on a windoze platform. 

    Even still - I hate Oracle 'cause they're so big they can buy out their competitors - just like MS.  sucks....

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