Jim Donivan is my hero

  • This guy writes shit on Quora, and it's all (unintentionally) hilarious.


    On Google:

    Boy! I wish I was this smart. I would have to go to Google for this answer so, you might as well use the ultimate source of knowledge available to us for a small donation once in awhile.
    If I had been able to access google,while at university, I ight have been considered a good student.

    On the first interrupter gear (allowing single-prop fighters to fire a machine gun through the prop arc without damaging it):

    I guessed it had to do with gearing and synchronization but looked it up because I didn't have knowledge to answer as usual. Turns out i was correct and this relates to the BMW Logo more than their construction of the first jet engine that flew a plane successfully.

    Additionally, suspension geometry used onBMW autos is among the most sophisticsted in the auto business. The firm has assisted the Iitalian super car manufactures to keep those babies on the road in turns and rough payvement.

    On religion:

    So, to publically refute church ignorance, which is resplendant and permeating, takes courage to advace the condition of humankind. I'd say this trumps the irradication of major disease. My point, a disease effects a portion of humanity and official, approved ignorance effects everybody.

    On the Berlin subway system (this one is worth quoting in full):

    Well, you know the Germans; they need help in engineering from that US of A, third world countries, the A-Rabs n that North Koreans n they ain't always afford ta pay em.

    Other than, nobody po Earth does better engineering and construction that the Krauts. a stupid derogratory term use by ignorant Yo-Mur-S-Kinz what didn't know no better n like the!

    I crossed that hostile border, in Berlin, 22 tomes and only used Check Point Charley, one tine and getting past the Zoll took one hour and I was first on line. After that I discovered the West Berlin Subway made one stop in the Was and always used the U Ban to Friedrikstrasse Ban Hoff and made fast and mostly trouble free crossings.
    There was one more stop in the eastern zone and it had armed guards with AK47s loaded and ready. We blew by that station at about 80 clicks per. The gird were completely unnecessary but well represented the fear and suspicion exhibited by the Communist. I found the average "East German" friendly and starving for information which I carefully delivered while avoiding any suspicious lookers on. I had many interesting experiences over the other side but was only shot at in Vienna and they missed. e we're chased by four large KGB in a crappy Moskavitch the one tine I drove from British Army of the Rhine to W Berlin. I flew the rest of the times. We were careful not to break any laws but did n=violat the Status of Forces agreement, their rule, when we stopped for gas at about 12 cents a gallon and to do so we had to leave the Autobahn, strictly forbidden for Westeners,
    East Germans would literally risk their very ives to try to reach the West and if they made the Volkpoleitsi didi;t dare shot them once they were over the fence or wall because they didn't want to die immedoiately.

    On Germany:

    All three and each is very different. I knew Berlin during th cold war and made 22 succesful crosings.
    Munich is wonderful and Hamberg is akso very interesting especially the St Pauli Strasse.

    That's just a small sampling of this genius' work.


    @Jim Donivan said:

    I found the average "East German" friendly and starving for information which I carefully delivered while avoiding any suspicious lookers on.

    That is where they got their information then it was this Jim all along

  • Seems more incoherent than hilarious.

  • A bit too obvious, but funny not the less..


    If his mastery of English is any indication of how good his German is, those poor Germans were none the wiser after his information dumps.

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @blakeyrat said:

    Ban Hoff

    You can't ban the Hoff!


    You can hassle him, but it's not advised.


    Filed under: I have to watch that again

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