Migrating DB from microsoft access

  • I (may) have to migrate a DB from a crappy MS Access  DB to something that is really a database (SQL). 

    The design of this DB is really messy,nearly a wtf. Any good advice of migrating and/or frontend is welcome.

  • Have you looked at the upsizing wizard which comes with access and allows you to migrate to SQL Server. If your database is less than 4GB and doesn't require some of the more advanced features, e.g. parallel queries, then SQL Server 2005 Express Ed which is free could well be a great option.

  • You can export the tables to a MSSQL or MySQL backend via ODBC, or create a new table structure and write VBA code to do the conversion for you.  Then write a new front-end, depending on how bad your existing Access app is. 

    For a lot of things, linked tables in Access are your friend!  For others, they blow. 


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