Who scams the scammers.

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    ADVANCE AUTO PARTS is a well established Private Evaluating Firm, Our Primary Business is to provide exceptional Customer Service Evaluation.

    We will therefore like to offer you the position as a survey Agent to conduct customer service surveys in your area.
    Your Job will involve you providing feedback to us about the customer experience at any client's locations. Companies use this survey for many reasons. During a typical survey session, you will make observations at a specific store/office, restaurant, or other types of location, while acting like an average customer.

    Most companies employ our expertise when people give complaints about their services, or when they feel there are needs for them to improve their customer satisfactory service. Your Identity would be kept confidential as a safety measure. You will receive $300 on each survey you conduct at any time for any of our clients, and with the number of clients we currently work with, you could be conducting as much as 5-10 surveys weekly, which will earn you between $1200-$2400 weekly. That means you can earn about $78,000/year doing part time.

    No commitment is involved, no start up fees and you would have flexible working hours.

    If you are interested, kindly email me your full name, address and phone number, so that we can add your mailing address to our Regional database.

    Oh sounds great.
    Look, I know you said there are no start up fees, but in case there are some fees, I'll need some account that I can transfer the money to. Preferably a bank account number so that I can wire money directly.

    I'll post if there's any reply.

  • Some hints. Been doing this for years.

    Firstly, don't do this from any email account that can be traced to you in any way. Don't give away any personal information. At all. No real phones, no addresses, no emails, nothing. An internet based answering service, or a SIP phone.

    Secondly, don't do anything illegal. If they want to send you stuff (a lot of scams work on fake cheques), law enforcement are the address to give.

    Remember, your job is to make them work. Time they sink into trying to get that payment from you is time they aren't sinking into someone else. For that, they need to believe. You need to sink the hook into them, get them to buy your story, believe that, if only they do this one more naked photo leaping over the fire of truth with the asparagus of trust shoved up their asshole, you're going to send them a bunch of money. Make them fill in forms. Pointless forms. Answer questions. Send them unreadable scans.

    dd if=/dev/urandom of=moneygram_receipt.tiff bs=4M count=10 for example. If you have a server, I have some deliciously unpleasant tools to keep them tied up.

  • lol.

    I wasn't trying to fool them.

    I just wanted them to know I knew what they were doing.

    If they're stupid enough to reply.... that's on them.

  • @xaade said:

    ADVANCE AUTO PARTS is a well established Private Evaluating Firm,

    undefined undefined undefined

  • I recommend 419eater,its super good fun..

  • I was just thinking about starting doing something like that yesterday, as shown by 2 tweets:

    Someone wants to scam me on selling the Oneplus x in republic of Georgia. Any ideas on how to fool him? I'm thinking postcard.

    Never mind. Just had a good one: tell him I've got a friend going there and he should meet at the airport, on some public camera place. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But, luckily, could find no good public cameras there.

    Any hints on how to proceed if they already got all my real info @tufty? I'm in fact only trying to worry a bit for my worried wife.

    For now, I'm thinking to tell him about this crazy coincidence I already gave it to the friend of my friend, who works in some address there (which would lead to a police station or something, but wouldn't be easy to find on maps beforehand) and she will be there by Monday, then she'll go somewhere else. Send him a model's picture and ask him if he could kindly pick it up with her. Then notify the police of this.

    In fact, I've already googled for report scam to police republic of georgia and found this as first hit, which led me to this guy (and that) and emailed him yesterday. But still no response.

    Damn, I hate scammers so hard that I feel this urge to learn how to have fun with them while doing something useful! Or at least just have some fun, Penn style. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • If he already has your real info, your safest route is to make him forget about you and move on to someone else as quickly as possible. I.e. don't waste any more of his time; don't give him any reasons to hate you.

  • Makes a lot of (common) sense. I do lack such things usually. Wife would be grateful to you! ;P

    Personal ranting time!

    I, personally, however, wouldn't care about it. Let him come knock at my door. By now, I'd already be better known with all neighborhood, after just 2 months living here... But she does hold me back at least in that sense, after all. She would hate to know I'm writing this, but not so surprised. But yeah, after 7 years together we kinda still don't ever know if we still will be tomorrow. Literally.

    Maybe it's actually a good thing for me. Maybe not. I'll never know. ๐Ÿ™‚

    In the end, I think my life is working to the better, in general, with her... So, I'm still betting against my own stupidity.

    Wait, what? Why wouldn't you fucking care?!

    Let him hate me (just not this time, yet). ;P

  • Discourse touched me in a no-no place

    @cregox said:

    after 7 years together we kinda still don't ever know if we still will be tomorrow. Literally.

    Not knocking your life choices but that seems like too much trouble.

  • @cregox said:

    But yeah, after 7 years together we kinda still don't ever know if we still will be tomorrow. Literally.

    Relationships take work.

    But if you get paranoid about something, you usually find a way to make sure it happens.

    Almost like some kind of defense, in the sense that if it happens then you don't need to worry about it anymore.

    Yes, people are literally that emotionally stupid, and yes, their bodies are that physiologically smart.

  • It is. And it sucks. But there are many huge benefits to it, so it balances out very good! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also, I love chaos and uncertainty anyway. That's not what bothers me...

    @xaade said:

    you usually find a way to make sure it happens.

    Not paranoid, it's just a constation and... Trust me, House of Cards may look silly to you if you knew more, although I haven't watched a single episode to know what I'm talking about for sure! ;P

    She's a fantastic and amazing woman who could handle me. Many have tried before. I don't plan on ever letting her go (or anyone beforee her, for that matter), but I won't hold her. I never did.

    In any case, all this reminds me of a fresh topic:

  • The chance of a scammer travelling from Nigeria for revenge against you is very slim, unless you screw him for much more than a few hours of his time.

    Don't worry too much about it, but be more careful the next time you do it.

    Anyway, scamming is huge in Nigeria, they showed a bit of this on the news some years ago. The reporter went into a Nigerian Lan house, and there was dozens of Nigerians scamming people in MSN.

    Scam is for the Nigerians as drug dealing is for our brazillians slums, there is an entire crime culture around that, and the only people they see with a decent life style around them are the scammers, so everyone that is half an asshole there is in the scam business. There is no fighting that, some problems don't have a solution.

  • @fbmac said:

    Don't worry


    This is the first and only CD I've ever bought, thanks to 1 track, which I've always identified myself with a lot, since I'm a little kid.

    I've always been a worry-free freak. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy – 04:04
    — BobbyMcFerrinVEVO

  • @cregox said:

    Any hints on how to proceed if they already got all my real info @tufty?

    Yep. Don't deal with them at all.

    If you want to scam scammers, you start with an obviously fake identity, which is not traceable in any reasonable way back to you. You then go out and deliberately try and hook scammers; it's hard to hook craigslist / ebay / etc scammers without putting up false listings but it is do-able.

    Most scams aren't one person. There's a bunch of mules doing the low level work of pushing out hundreds / thousands of "format" emails and dealing with the first replies, any promising leads get fed up to more advanced scammers. The low end scammers don't even care what they're replying for (hence the "your item" you'll often find) and the higher ups play off your replies. A real listing isn't always necessary.

    For an ebay / craigslist / etc scammer, you probably don't even need a real listing. Take their reply to you for the oneplus x, doctor it to be about another auction for a oneplus x being held by your fake persona, express interest and say that you've pulled the ad to get the deal underway ("I'd like to avoid PayPal's fee system" is a decent gambit here, you set up your persona as being greedy and / or stupid), and see where it goes from there. You may not get a "bite", but you've baited the hook.

    Actively looking for scammers is easy. Take a "format" email, "reply" individually to a number of known live scammer email addresses (lists exist, or you can "pluck" them from your in/spam box.

  • @tufty said:

    Most scams aren't one person. There's a bunch of mules

    Very well reminded!

    @tufty said:

    If you want to go out scam'ing scammers

    Nope, thanks. It was just this one, for w/e reason.

  • @cregox said:

    @tufty said:
    If you want to go out scam'ing scammers

    Scamming is spelt with 2 'm's, and there's no going out involved.

    If you want to hit up this particular scammer, though, you already have his / her / their email address (as long as it hasn't "gone cold" already) and know the format they are pushing. It should be relatively simple to hook them from a totally different account as I described earlier.

    Another gambit for hooking a particular scammer is to "accidentally" send them an email from a "scam in progress". This is really nice because you can invent a whole bunch of fees that have already been sent , and they have no way of checking - effectively they have a "willing" victim who has already sent smallish sums, you don't need to go through all the early-scam back and forth, nor do you need to find a way of getting past the "first payment" wall. Everything previously sent has been stolen by the sinister Barrister David Mark, which gives your "mark" an easy in. If there's one thing a scammer loves, it's chopping another scammer's dolla.

  • @swayde said:

    I recommend 419eater,its super good fun..

    The guy who founded the site was the best. He would get them to make artworks for him, send him money, etc.

  • Eater is a rather dubious site, to be honest. There's an awful lot of overt racism there, and the founders have been suspected to bait for profit. Getting scammers to send you actual money is theft, it makes you as bad as them.

    A far more "respectable" site is http://www.thescambaiters.com.

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