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    @swayde said:

    @riking said:
    Oh yes I'm here. Got a case of the nod-offs.

    OOC i hate you.

    check out my stats. no ascensions yet..

    since that screenshot I've gotten to 3095 btw

  • how long have you been "playing" ?

  • Ctrl-S says this:

    You have played for:                              17day 05hr 31min
    Your first play was:                               760day 20hr 18min ago
    This session, you have played:                0day 08hr 12min
    Your longest session lasted for:               0day 20hr 40min 21sec
    Current ascension play time:                  17day 05hr 32min
    Number of times you have played:         58

    Some tips:

    The Garden is your primary source of YC.

  • sure is..

  • The LOLMarket is your primary source of GC.
    Daily bonuses are a pretty good source of WC, but breaking the button seems to be competitive.

    To break the button quickly and get one WC, hold shift and move your mouse back and forth over the button so that you see HIT MISS HIT MISS messages.

  • Only at +5, because I've been farming bucketloads of crystals with Gem of Constancy and was like "meh, I'll ascend later". And I try to get 9k1 each time too.

  • By the way, you can now set custom titles instead of being restricted to achievements.


  • @riking said:



  • goddamn and I even thought to myself, "hey look the formatting didn't screw it up at all"


  • It looks like a bagel taped to the top of a shark.

  • No, it looks like a frog with one eye closed getting hit with an arrow.

  • @riking said:

    The Garden is your primary source of YC.

    Meh, one ascension in and you're drowning in YC anyway.

  • that's what "buy 999999 insta-progress from the mystery shop" is for

  • I'm currently investing in Shiny Tokens - the progress bar modules are insane when it comes to leveling your pet if you're an idler. A 20% chance to get 32 FCG cash didn't seem like much, but now I have like 13 million of it and every card bought.

    And the Career Exp module is good too if you don't feel like doing a gajillion of say, Stadium runs. Trust me, I leveled Racer to 100 back when it was the max level, and when it turned out Tukkun bumped the levels to 200 I was like "fuck no, not this shit again".

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