You're so mysogynist, bro!

  • Reasoning: making the file extension the same as a slang term for a brother somehow excludes women from IT. Apparently, using the ISO code for a country traditionally associated with corrupt government is not racist at all.

    Bullshit alternative reasoning to prevent revert of the commit after someone realizes how stupid the above is: .br is whole byte shorter than .bro.

  • SockDev

    And now I shall mute this thread for the same reason I muted the other one

  • I once thought about a prospect of having a larger public open source project and it growing large enough so SJWs, faggots, and feminazis of all sorts start attacking irrelevant bits of it, like camelCasing reminding them of camel toes and thus objectifying women, or something else stupid, and start telling me how cruelly miso* and *phobic I am, and how the project now excludes these special snowflakes.

    Then a thought dawned on me: I really want them excluded. Not for being women, or gays, or transgender, or whatever. I want them excluded because they are pernicious little shits with simplified ganglia where other people have brains, too little work to do, and too much time on their hands, and they can only make noise around irrelevant things. Fuck them and their microcosm. I don't want to see them as contributors, or even users, I don't want to see them filing bugs against my shit, I want people that know solving real problems from getting offended about a word "he" in a document.

    I want, at the same time, to include bros and sis's that know what things are really worth giving a fuck. A nice coincidence is that those people are not SJWs and wouldn't touch "SJ" topics with a barge pole.

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    Please continue over at the first topic.

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