Why can't I talk about Belgium?

  • Edit: This topic is about a censorship 'feature' that was present when this forum was on Discourse. At the time of this edit, we don't have the same facility on NodeBB.

    It was discovered some time ago that Discourse had introduced into the core software (as opposed to an addon) censorship. It was shiny! It had to be tested!

    Around the same time we were talking about H2G2's censorship in the States, whereby the word fuck in the Rory Award for "The Most Gratuitous Use of the Word 'Fuck' in a Serious Screenplay." was replaced with Belg­ium.

    So when suggestions were offered as to what to stick into the filter for such testing, naturally it was a Belgian who suggested Belgium. elgiu and b.....m were also added to see if sub-words could be blocked or if there was a regex hiding behind the scenes.

    (The discovery, and main discussion topic may be found here.)

    They remain there as a legacy, and as a source of amusement and puzzlement.

  • Belgium


    Belgium is the rudest word in the Universe, yet by a strange coincidence, also the name of a country on Earth. In the Secondary Phase, it is stated as "completely banned in all parts of the Galaxy, except in one part, where they don't know what it means, and in serious screenplays."

    It is used as a single-word expletive by Zaphod Beeblebrox and Ford Prefect in the film.

    It was used in a presidential declaration that declared the Belcerebons of Kakrafoon Kappa unhoopy.

    In the US version of the third novel, Life, the Universe and Everything, the word is used to replace the word "fuck" which was in the British publication.

  • why this forum let the use of such vulgar language in topic titles?

  • @fbmac An excellent question.

  • @fbmac said in Why can't I talk about Belgium?:

    why this forum let the use of such vulgar language in topic titles?

    @loose said in Why can't I talk about Belgium?:

    "except [...] in serious screenplays."

    My screen is always serious about what the browsers are playing on it.

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